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The miior brand is a symbol of modern design. It was born where
functionality meets aesthetics and innovation intertwines with the everyday,
transforming ordinary mirrors into works of applied art. Mirrors that have changed
the way people look at themselves every day. This story, like so many
great design stories, begins with a simple observation and dissatisfaction with the
the status quo.
The beginning of this story has its roots in the home. While observing
home, one of the company's founders came up with an idea of how, instead of leaning
inconveniently to the mirror, to make it come closer to the user. This is how
AXIO-LINK® was born and soon the first mirrors were in the
soon the first mirrors were in the shops, revolutionising the way people used mirrors.
As is the case with many breakthroughs, the idea was not immediately popular.
popularity. Despite the simplicity of the first models, few potential customers
saw the unquestionable advantages of this innovation. It was then that the well-known designer
designer Katarzyna Okińczyc. The result was groundbreaking models, iconic to this day,
The result was groundbreaking models, iconic to this day, whose design and attention to detail conquered well-known competitions,
first winning the Must Have award at the Łódź Design Festival, and shortly afterwards
winning the famous Red Dot Design Award in their category. This has allowed them to build
exceptionally strong position on the market.
When another groundbreaking project won an award at the German Design Award, the company
came an invitation to collaborate from a Macau-based investor building the luxury
Morpheus Hotel designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. For this project, the
AXIO-SLIM® system was developed for this project, and the completion of the contract made it possible to
invest in further design work. A year later, the groundbreaking AXIO-BOX
AXIO-BOX® extension system was developed a year later, which received patent rights and allowed the company to continue to grow.
Manufactured from Polish components, Miior's hand-assembled mirrors are proof that with commitment and
The hand-assembled Miior mirrors, manufactured in Poland, are proof that with commitment and attention to detail, it is possible to create a product that will become desirable
become desirable all over the world. The Warsaw factory produces mirrors that
The Warsaw factory produces mirrors that not only make everyday tasks easier, but also prove that Polish design has something to boast about internationally.
Polish design has something to boast about on the international arena.
The history of the Miior company shows how something unique can be created out of the need and understanding of the everyday problems of
people can create something unique. It proves that good designs
are not only created on the drawing board, but above all in the minds of people,
who want to make the world a better place to live in. And the best solutions?
They often turn out to be the simplest ones.


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