CORIN. 6080 pull-out vertical mirror

Mechanism Color:
matte White
no frame

When tradition meets outstanding innovation. Rectangle shape hosts modern technique for you comfort.

If you like mirrors with traditional sharp edges, but you are looking for latest solutions, our CORIN. 6080 mirror should be your choice. Its simple form hides so many good surprises.

No matter what is your height, the vertical form of CORIN. 6080 mirror will reflect your smile. And you will be pulling its frame towards you again and again.

Soft LED lighting will bring more light to your face to see better all details of your skin. CORIN. 6080 mirror- your perfect mirror. Now it’s you to decide how close you need it for your comfort.

Try a mirror that will tell more about yourself. It’s time for a change!

Beauty rivals technique.

Enjoy a moment of luxury in your daily care with our innovative mirrors. A sliding mechanism, durable materials and adjustable LED lighting create a harmony of functionality and design. See yourself in perfect light!

Safety from quality.

Our CORIN. 6080 mirror with it’s outstanding AXIO-BOX® mechanism is safe and silent, although durable. Lightweight construction is extremely flat and offers intuitive fixing.

  • At maximum extension 30 cm
  • Automatic light switch when extended
  • High-quality materials; very flat; high-quality 4 mm glass
  • With backlight effect
  • Degree of protection IP44
  • Easy assembly
  • Available in 3 sizes

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