QUART. 8060 pull-out horizontal mirror with frame

Frame Color:
Mechanism Color:
matte Black

Try new comfort solution! No more bending over the washbasin during makeup.

When your both hands are free you can do all your tasks in front of a mirror faster and better.

Adjust the distance of your mirror to your face as you prefer. It’s easy. You will be surprised every morning. Worth trying.

This extremely flat mirror offers great LED light that comes to you for better effect.

QUART. 8060 mirror is using our patented, very silent AXIO-BOX® pull-out mechanism, hidden on the back of the moving part.

Nice rectangular shape with rounded edges makes it looking even smaller and horizontal fixing allow comfort of use.

Innovation meets Convenience.

This QUART. 8060
pull-out LED mirror offers all in one. It uses a unique AXIO-BOX®
mechanism developed and patented by Miior. The mirror is easy to use
and very practical.

Safety in a modern form.

QUART. 8060 mirror glass can travel towards you for as much as 26 `cm. You just need to pull it out in full silence. It’s outstanding mechanism is safe and solid. It’s glass is protected by a special foil. The fixing is easy and very fast. In narrow spaces you can install the mechanism first, then hang the moving part on it. Brilliant!

  • At maximum extension 30 cm
  • Automatic light switch when extended
  • High-quality materials; very flat; high-quality 4 mm glass
  • Very flat, only 3.5 cm overall thickness
  • AXIO-BOX® mechanism in black matte
  • Easy to install
  • Available in 2 sizes

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