QUART. 6080 pull-out vertical mirror with frame

Frame Color:
Mechanism Color:
matte Black

Make a choice that will make your day. Every day! Welcome beauty and comfort to you home.

QUART. 6080 mirror is a combination of unique design and practical solutions. You will always be surprised by simplicity of use. Its rectangle form will match any design and fit to all interiors.

You can freely adjust the distance between the mirror and your face. Soft and neutral LED light will come along. Automatically. And its ambient glow will make impression it floats in the air.

QUART. 6080 LED mirror is equipped with AXIO-BOX®, our patented pull-out mechanism. Silence of use combined with compact construction make it invisible.

Wow effect guaranteed every single day. Your friends will run for it. QUART. extra flat mirror is easy to install and meet highest safety standards.

Innovation meets Convenience.

Our QUART. 6080 wall mirror is equipped with our patented, pull-out AXIO-BOX® mechanism  and LED light with automatic switch. Intuitive use and complete silence give full comfort of daily routines.

Quality and Safety.

QUART. 6080 with frame extra flat LED pull-our mirror meets highest safety standards being easy to install. Glass is secured by a special foil. Specially designed package allows secure transport. Real size scheme helps the installation.

  • At maximum extension 30 cm
  • Automatic light switch when extended
  • High-quality materials, high-quality 4 mm flat glass
  • Very flat, only 3,5 cm overall thickness
  • AXIO-BOX® mechanism in white
  • Easy to install
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • With aluminium-clad frame in gold, chrome or matt black

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