RONDI. 50 pull-out mirror

Mechanism Color:
matte Black
no frame

RONDI. 50 – this bijou of every beauty corner is waiting for you. Big enough to see well your face, small enough to find its place everywhere its needed. A modern minimalist at work!

Although you can have it as close to your face as needed, extremely flat when pulled back to the wall.

You risk to play with its silent mechanism and automatic light switch more than need. One more look before leaving your beauty companion won’t hurt.

Soft LED light will your face soften and your eyes smile. And the back light will add colour to your beauty.

The elegant Matte black mechanism of this RONDI. 50 pull-out mirror will further emphasize the beauty of this gem.

Small jewel mirror offers outstanding solutions.

Miior RONDI. 50 mirror is a combination of timeless design and goldsmith’s precision. Your useful piece of art.

Smart and irreplaceable.

This small pull-out round mirror is all you need for your comfort. So little can do so much for you in the bedroom !

  • At maximum extension 28 cm
  • Automatic light switch when extended
  • High-quality materials
  • (AXIO-SLIM® mechanism,in matt black painted steel; back plate in matt black plastic; high-quality mirror surface)
  • Very flat, total mirror thickness 3 cm
  • With back-lit effect
  • Degree of protection IP44
  • Easy assembly

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