RONDI. 50 pull-out mirrior with frame

Frame Color:
Mechanism Color:
matte Black

Big enough to see well your face, small enough to find its place in every bathroom or beautycorner. The tiny giant of the world of mirrors.

The extra flat LED mirror that can be pulled out for 30 cm! For your comfort.
Perfect companion as a main mirror in small bathrooms or a makeup dressing table in your
bedroom. It fits wherever you need it!

Elegant frames in 3 colors to fit well any compartment or style.
No need to look for the switch, just grab the frame and pull. Your eyes will open wide in

Elegant black hinges and wall part will emphasize the magic of this beautiful mirror.

Timeless design meets innovative technique.

Miior RONDI. 50 mirror is a quintessence of universal design and useful art. RONDI. 50 mirror is a complement to the minimalist décor.

Ergonomic and modern.

This flat, round mirror is convenient to use, easy to install and offers unique features. Its shape and size matches well with freestanding washbasins.

  • At maximum extension 28 cm
  • Automatic light switch when extended
  • High-quality materials
  • (AXIO-SLIM® mechanism,in matt black painted steel; back plate in matt black plastic; high-quality mirror surface)
  • Very flat, total mirror thickness 3 cm
  • With back-lit effect
  • Degree of protection IP44
  • Easy assembly
  • Side frames available in 3 colour versions

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