How to choose the right mirror

How to choose the right mirror

There are so many styles of bathroom and so many possible shapes and types of mirror. How do we choose the best one for us?

The size of the mirror. In small bathrooms, a large mirror is useful. Although there may be a lack of wall space, the larger the mirror the more reflected light. Find out how you can use your existing lighting to illuminate your face in front of the mirror, and how to let the mirror multiply it.

The colour of the mirror lighting. If there is already lighting in the bathroom, check what colour (colour temperature) it is and match the colour of the mirror lighting to it. Remember that a warm light (around 3000K) will help you do your make-up for the day, closer to neutral (around 4000K), for the evening, where the lighting will be colder. You can also choose a mirror with colour temperature control and even LED lighting.

Mirror shape. Choose a mirror so that the shape matches the rest of your bathroom furnishings, or make it the one that emphasises the most desired effect of the whole room. If the mirror needs to be small, you'll get a better look in a round one. When you can choose a large mirror so that you can easily see the details of your face, you can also choose a cosmetic mirror. Fully sliding mirrors that have both functions are convenient.

The size, shape and mounting height of the mirror. Consider the height of future users and choose the shape, size and height of the mirror so that everyone can use it comfortably. If the occupants are of different heights, an oblong, oval or rectangular mirror placed vertically may be suitable.

Safety-electrical. Remember that a mirror with lighting, if you use it in the bathroom, must have the required electrical safety parameters, indicated by the IP symbol. If the mirror meets the IP44 standard, it can be hung in the bathroom without any problem, but outside the bath, shower or washbasin area. If the waterproofing standard is lower, it is necessary to keep a distance of at least 60cm from the bath or shower area.

Safety-glass. A mirror, like any glass element, can break. It is therefore advisable to use mirrors with a so-called safety film, which minimises the splashing of shards in the event of breakage.

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